Motivational Speeches

Sangbreeta is an international Keynote speaker, having spoken at events across the globe.

With over 2000 hours of stage time, Sangbreeta is known to bring charisma, inspiration and expert content on corporate values, inspirational communication and discovering our unique strengths.

Workshops & Coaching

An expert on persuasive communication, inspirational speaking and leadership, Sangbreeta delivers power-packed workshops for corporate and academic audiences. She uses pillars of Corporate Storytelling, Personal Branding, Pitching and Public Speaking to create a dynamic experience for your active learning.

Hosting & Moderation

A charismatic host, Sangbreeta is an experienced M.C. of corporate & social events, and moderator of executive panels.

 Having facilitated multiple international conferences and social events across Europe, she will bring energy, entertainment and seamless structure to your event.

Besides being an amazing speaker, Sangbreeta de-coded my professional story and translated it into values. I’ve been trying to write my corporate narrative for a long time. When I met Sangbreeta, I introduced myself, she asked me questions and about my story, and bam: short, clear and accurate corporate narrative.

Lucia Loyo

Executive Director, Legal Affairs , ETS Global

“One of our greatest desires in life is to be remembered. To leave something of ourselves behind. And here’s the secret- yes you can. Each and every one of us has the ability to be a powerful speaker and leader. We have the opportunity to be thought leaders, influencers, break barriers with our stories, which brings our audience closer to us and each other. We have the possibility to not only be remembered but build a timeless legacy of inspiration, values and vision.”

– Sangbreeta Moitra

Contact and Bookings

Would you like Sangbreeta to speak at your upcoming event?

Once we receive your request, Sangbreeta will review the details and will get in touch with you within the next 24-48 hours.

Contact her at:

+31 611787150

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