Sangbreeta Moitra based in The Netherlands, is an international TEDx award-winning speaker. 


With the vision to represent more female keynote speakers and panelists in top events across the world, Sangbreeta is a leading expert on powerful persuasive communication, brand storytelling and customer engagement. From early years as an orator in India, to speaking on the BRIC panel as a Master’s student in The Netherlands, to recognizing the needs of powerful leadership communication in the management world as a Global Manager in Amsterdam, Sangbreeta has spent decades mastering the art of communication skills. Her journey took her to be the Dutch Champion and European Bronze Winner of the Toastmasters public speaking championships in 2013/2014, and to win the TEDxRotterdam Jury Award 2017.

Today, Sangbreeta gives keynotes and seminars at top organizations and conferences across Europe. She has been featured in The Financial Express, Time To Shine Podcast, Our Front Cover and INDYANA magazine. 

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