Keynotes & Inspirational speeches


Sangbreeta offers inspirational and motivational speeches for professional and social events, her speeches being a bridge between her beliefs, the values of the organization, and the audience. Her most requested keynotes are on the topics of Brand Storytelling, Customer Connection, Leadership Communication, Networking, Pitching, and Uplifting Women.

You are also welcome to propose the theme of your event and Sangbreeta will work with you to create the ideal message for your audience.

The duration of the speeches can be tailored from 15-90 minutes. In addition, Sangbreeta also provides coaching on keynotes, aimed at the speaker inspiring their audience with confidence and conviction.

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Signature Keynotes


The Power Of Your Story

The Power of Brand Storytelling

The Art of Leadership Communication

The Art of Pitching

The Art of Powerful Public Speaking

Keynote Speaker at Toastmasters Italy & Greece Convention. Athens 2017

Delivering her signature talk ‘The Power of Your Story’, Sangbreeta was invited to give the keynote address at the International Italy & Greece Spring Conference, held at the Saroglio Mansion in Athens. With an audience of 150 professionals, Sangbreeta energized the audience by discovering their extraordinary values and how they make the story of their career unique and powerful.




Keynote Speaker at Amsterdamse Career Dag 2017

Sangbreeta was invited to be the Keynote Speaker at the Amsterdamse Career Dag 2017, a joint venture between University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit for students of Business, Economics and Accounting. Sangbreeta’s interactive inspirational talk  ‘Your Career: The Pitch, The Story, The Brand‘ was very well-received, with students challenging themselves, creating their unique brand value and sharing powerful personal stories on stage with her.

Corporate Keynote for Managers, Engineering Company in the Netherlands; 2016

Sangbreeta was invited by one of the largest chemical engineering corporates in the Netherlands to speak to an audience of over 60 managers on The Art of Corporate Feedback. Sangbreeta used Storytelling, structured techniques with interactive modules and exercises to help the audience learn the essential tools of giving feedback and leadership.




Keynote Speaker, Toastmasters Spain, Chapter Barcelona; 2016

Sangbreeta was invited as the Keynote Speaker by Toastmasters Spain, Division Barcelona. She spoke to an audience of diverse professionals on the power of their professional story, and how to make it personal and powerful. Her keynote covered the different aspects of Personal Branding, Business Storytelling and Negotiation techniques.


Keynote Speaker, Toastmasters National Collaboration, Hoofddorp; 2016

Sangbreeta was a Keynote speaker at the Division National Evaluations’ Collaboration to teach members elevate their communication skills during giving feedback in the workplace. Her speech ‘To Speak or Be Heard’ motivated her audience to rise to stronger communication and leadership at the workplace, by following the 3 values of Humility, Confidence and Desire to Inspire.




Motivational Speaker, TEDxUtrecht Red Dot Program; 2015

At the Red Dot program organized by TEDxUtrecht, Sangbreeta was invited as a speaker. She gave a speech titled ‘The Power Of A Choice’, a personal story showing the audience that the smallest decisions, often between what is easy and what could be right, makes the world of a difference later in life.



Keynote Speaker, Indian Cultural Event, Voorschoten; 2015

Sangbreeta was the keynote speaker at the annual Indian cultural festival gathering in October 2015 in The Netherlands. Her speech  ‘The Quintessential Empowered Woman’ inspired the audience to find and nurture their strength and power within. The event was attended by the Indian Ambassador to the Netherlands, members of the Indian Embassy and the Major and Deputy Mayor of Voorschoten.







Earlier Speeches and Keynotes:


Guest Speaker, Rotaract, Amstelveen

Sangbreeta was invited to speak on the women’s rights, how they are an equal contributor to society and why there is still a need to give women an equal standing in their personal and professional surroundings. The speech focussing on Women Empowerment, addressed how a society can come together to provide better support and infrastructure for women’s equality.










Guest Speaker and Panel Discussion, VeerStichting International Symposium, Leiden

Sangbreeta was a guest speaker at the distinguished Veer Stichting International Symposium in Leiden, a renowned podium bringing thought leaders and influencers from across the world to address the various aspects of business, politics, science, arts and sports. In this meet, Sangbreeta was a part of a discussion panel where she gave an interactive talk on the potential and rise of young Indians in the current global industry.



Inspirational Speaker, Speaker’s Corner, Maastricht

An inspirational speech titled ‘Without Fear’, Sangbreeta was a guest speaker at the innovative speakers podium, where she spoke about a personal journey and how it taught her that the only way for her to be without fear was to wear your scars of fear with courage. Watch it here .





For the Amsterdamse Carrière Dagen we invited Sangbreeta to be our keynote speaker after hearing about her energetic and inspirational talks on professional storytelling and public speaking from our fellow board members. During our 5-day event there were 69 companies and over 1500 students, which resulted in a very diverse audience. Her experience as a speaker clearly shows, she inspired everyone the audience and taught the students valuable skills which will help them in distinguishing their career story and presence. In my opinion it is very rare that someone is able to connect with so many people on so many levels. Sangbreeta, thank you so much for joining us and we look forward to having you as our speaker again!

Simone Boes

Chairman, Amsterdamse Career Dagen 2017

“Sangbreeta is an excellent public speaker and we love to have her come facilitate sessions on topics such as Giving Feedback and Communicating with Confidence. We hosted her for the Shell Women’s Network and it was one of our top-rated events last year. The audience really appreciated her interactive style.”

Antonia Vlek

Economist , Shell

“In the past years I have seen Sangbreeta give several speeches on different occasions. As her trackrecord shows, she is a worldclass speaker, able to inform, entertain and move her audience on various topics I saw her speak about. During her speeches she is able to capture the attention of the audience from the very first to the very last moment. It is impressive how she is able to give great speeches with sometimes very limited time to prepare. I can highly recommend her as speaker for any event.”


Jeroen Bijleveld

Partner, T&E Inmaxxa

“Sangbreeta presented a beautiful and inspiring speech at the Autumn Festival organized by Kallol – an Indian Association in Holland. Sangbreeta’s speech was so appropriate for the occasion where she related the topic of women empowerment to our daily lives, helping us recognize that each of us have that latent power to achieve what we want to achieve. Her way of delivering the speech is very confident and she radiates that confidence into the audience. She has the talent of keeping the audience engaged throughout the presentation. Beautiful speech–would want to hear her more. Kallol appreciates her speech very much and would definitely want to hear more on various other topics.”

Dayeeta Roy

, Project Assurance Engineer, Shell