Sangbreeta is an internationally acclaimed speaker, having spoken at conferences and in-house events across The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Belgium and India.

If you’re looking for an inspiring speaker for your summit, in-house event or social gathering, Sangbreeta will bring energy, engagement and top-notch content, that triggers mindset and actionable change, for your audience. 

You are also welcome to propose the theme of your event and Sangbreeta will work with you to craft the ideal message for your audience.


Below are Sangbreeta’s most-requested keynotes.

Transform Your Presence

The Essence of Leadership & Impactful Communication

What does it take, to be seen as an authority in your field? How can you ensure that your words will be remembered? How can you create an unforgettable presence?

Ever too often, leading experts struggle with engaging their audience, and despite their priceless legacy of experience and knowledge, their words aren’t heard. Their presence isn’t noticed.

What happens when you are not being heard or noticed?

  • Three strikes. You are not able to engage the audience about yourself, the idea you believe in, or the organization you represent

The speech that won Sangbreeta the TEDx award, this talk will reveal how you have untapped strengths and qualities that make you unique, and how you can communicate them with power and persuasion, to transform your presence.

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Whether an individual or an organization, you are surrounded by a sea of competition who do the same thing as you, have the same skills as you and offer the same services as you. What then, makes YOU stand apart from the rest?

The speech that won Sangbreeta the TEDx award, her signature keynote on brand-storytellling with show you unusual innovative ways on how you can create your unforgettable brand story. 

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“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar

Giving feedback is easier said than done. Feedback is deeply linked to our self-esteem; misunderstandings and mis-communications with respect to feedback can irreversibly harm professional relationships, whether within the organization or outside. Not only does it affect an employee’s value in the workplace, it affects our path as a leader, and how we will be seen and valued in our career. 

With outstanding positive response from corporate clients, Sangbreeta delivers the core ‘HOW’ on communicating feedback in a way that motivates the receiver, be it a compliment or point of improvement. 

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“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Public speaking isn’t just about a technical presentation, or narrating bullet points of your proposal. Your speech is a bridge of connection, impact and influence; between who you are and why your audience should care about you. The way you speak, allows you to not only be remembered but build a timeless legacy of inspiration, values and vision.

An interactive keynote with sharp techniques that demonstrate why public speaking is critical to career success and how you can elevate your communication skills to world-class levels.

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the power of your story

“We may have ordinary lives. But they’re filled with extraordinary values.”

An inspirational speech on how our struggles shape our lives and make us stronger. Sangbreeta faced challenges establishing her international speaking career, and the experience taught her priceless lessons on dealing with rejection, failure and how to turn your mindset and vision around. Even the hardest of times can be the greatest learning lessons. The speech is a celebration of our inner potential, and how each individual has a unique presence and an inspirational story to tell.


“What You Plant Now, Will Harvest Later.” – Og Mandino

Selling isn’t about money. Neither is it about being pushy or aggressive. Nor is it a skill required by the sales’ teams alone.

Every time you present an idea, you’re selling something. You’re convincing your audience that what you’re saying is worth their time, money and future. 

In this keynote, Sangbreeta will share her key techniques on what it takes to create an impactful impression on a customer though persuasive communication skills.

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In addition to the above, you’re welcome to explore the possibility of a customized keynote or speech for your event. Discuss creating a customized speech for your event.