In the past years I have seen Sangbreeta give several speeches on different occasions. As her trackrecord shows, she is a worldclass speaker, able to inform, entertain and move her audience on various topics I saw her speak about. During her speeches she is able to capture the attention of the audience from the very first to the very last moment. It is impressive how she is able to give great speeches with sometimes very limited time to prepare. I can highly recommend her as speaker for any event.

Jeroen Bijleveld

Partner, T&E Inmaxxa

Besides being an amazing speaker, Sangbreeta de-coded my professional story and translated into values. I’ve been trying to write my corporate narrative for long time. When I met Sangbreeta, I introduced myself, she asked few things and bam: short, clear and accurate corporate narrative.

Lucia Loyo

Executive Director – Legal Affairs and Governance , ETS Global

I was involved in organizing a meeting within Shell, with Sangbreeta being the speaker, about “Your Professional Story”. The workshop was focused on how to sharpen your story, so you can use it in any situation to make a flawless impression. The workshop was really to the point and very inspiring. Sangbreeta is a pleasure to work with and people unanimously provided the feedback: the session was too short and we want Sangbreeta to come back! The session was scored 4.9 out of 5, and we would love to invite her again, as her messages are fit for today’s fast changing world. I would recommend everyone to book a session with Sangbreeta as the content she presents is really relevant in today’s changing world and it brings your own professionality to the next level.

Annemart Hobers

Site Assurance Analyst, Shell

Sangbreeta facilitated a thoroughly engaging workshop about giving constructive feedback. Sangbreeta made a compelling case about how the techniques shared in the workshop are useful for application in our own daily interactions, be it on a personal or professional level. The workshop gave clear insights on how giving specific, direct and authentic feedback can contribute towards developing effective leadership skills. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in nurturing a culture of development in their own environment and teams, by giving constructive and honest feedback whilst also fostering a sense of mutual trust and respect…not an easy task! Justin Valente

Senior Process Engineer, Shell

Sangbreeta is an excellent public speaker and we love to have her come facilitate sessions on topics such as Giving Feedback and Communicating with Confidence. We hosted her for the Shell Women’s Network and it was one of our top-rated events last year. The audience really appreciated her interactive style. Antonia Vlek

Economist, Shell

Sangbreeta is a very energetic and inspiring speaker and trainer. I attended one of her Elevator Pitch seminars – it was an eye-opener. She asked us a number of excellent, helpful questions I have never been asked or asked myself before. Her worksheets were of great help in structuring my thoughts and ideas. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it, too – Sangbreeta has a very entertaining, yet determined style and gets you to work with her, instantly. Dirk Loeffelbein

Presentation & Speech Coach, Redendoktor

Sangbreeta has a mix of attributes that makes her a very powerful speaking coach. First, she is a confident and poised presenter. She talks the talk and then explains and engages so that, by the end, you “Get It” too. She makes you really explore your inner self when it comes to public speaking. Second, she is pleasantly disarming and has the ability to put one at ease almost immediately. Thirdly, she delivers feedback in the most incisive way. It is easy for one to hear, internalize and act on her feedback. Dirceu Da Silva

Education & E-Learning Consultant, TEDxspeaker & coach, D.Silva

“Sangbreeta is an amazing speaker and trainer. Her talks and workshops have been very valuable and useful. Her biggest quality is the fact she involves the audience, explains complex things in the most simplistic way and she customs her style according to the requirement of the crowd. Her energy, conviction in the topic and enthusiasm makes all her sessions lively and useful for everybody. I highly recommend her. Sabyasachi Sengupta

Business Development Associate, ABN Amro

Having the luck of joining the exact Toastmasters club of which Sangbreeta is now an alumni, I was immediately impressed by her stage presentation skills. Specifically the confidence with which she performs while speaking before her audience made me aspire to speak like her. Over the past year I have had the priviledge of being coached by Sangbreeta on public speaking and evaluation. Ever since I have been receiving feedback from Sangbreeta and putting those into action, I have accomplished great improvements in my own public speaking and evaluation skills. Sangbreeta has the power to inspire big audiences, yet touch each individual on a personal and emotional level. I recommend her highly as a speaker on any platform.

Darren R. Arnell

Communication Systems Engineer, You-Get