Masterclass & Workshops

Sangbreeta offers transformational masterclass and trainings  that are high on content, learning and participation. With the focus to teach new and powerful skills to fine tune her clients’ personal and professional presence, she keys in their needs & values to provide them with the best tools of success.

Her most request corporate and university workshops are:


Your Career: The Pitch. The Story. The Brand.

How can you make a narrative about your work, your idea, your vision that is compact, short and powerful?
A narrative that shows your story, your identity, communicates your brand value and a builds a connection with the needs of your audience? Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. Your career is a unique brand, a personal story and this talk focuses on the three pillars of Powerful Speaking, Business Storytelling and Personal Branding techniques.


Your Corporate Story: Personal & Powerful

In pursuit of your career, you’re surrounded by a sea of people with competing skill-sets and experience levels in the corporate industry. What then, makes YOU stand apart from the rest? This is the crux of Sangbreeta’s signature workshop where you will use new & innovative methods to find, create and present your Professional Story. The talk focuses on the three pillars of Powerful Speaking, Business Storytelling and Personal Branding techniques. Attend this highly requested workshop to create a personal and powerful story that truly defines the professional you are.


 Secrets of Leadership: The Art of Feedback

Giving feedback and appraisals are easier said than done. Communicating positive or constructive feedback is complex and sensitive. Feedback is deeply linked to our self-esteem and personal sensitivities; a problem in this communication channel deeply affects relationships in the workplace, whether within the organization or with clients and vendors. Sangbreeta has given this signature workshop at high ranking corporate workshops across The Netherlands, where top-ranking management realized the drawbacks in their feedback methods, and learned easily implementable techniques to better feedback and communication. Attend this workshop to learn how to address & resolve sensitive discussions in the workplace, keeping your team motivated during setbacks, and in the process, ace your communication skills.


The Art of Public Speaking

Remember seeing your favourite TED speech and thinking “Wish I could speak like that”? Yes You Can. This workshop is customized to help professionals improve their long-term communication skills for multiple needs like making presentations and speaking in front of audiences, big or small. The workshop focuses on both Content & Delivery, where you will learn how to organize and structure the story of your technical presentations, including the message, transitions, relevance, confidence, body language, voice modulation that will create a deep impact on your audience.


In addition to her signature workshops above, Sangbreeta also creates customized workshops based on her clients’ needs, in the realm of public speaking, leadership and professional storytelling.


Workshops in 2017

‘The Secrets of True Leadership’, Pharma Project Management Conference, Mumbai, India

‘The Art of Leadership Communication’, Financial Telecommunications corporate client, Leiden, the Netherlands


Workshops in 2016

The Art of Corporate Feedback; Engineering & Construction corporate client, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Your Corporate Narrative: Personal & Powerful: Oil & Gas corporate client, the Netherlands

Your Non-Verbal Language: Engineering & Construction corporate client, the Netherlands

Your Pitch, Your Story: Professional Development Fair, Groningen

The Art of Powerful Speaking: Private corporate client, Groningen, the Netherlands

Your Professional Story: University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Your Professional Story: BCF Life Science Career Event, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Your Professional Story: Toastmasters European Conference of Public Speaking, Luxembourg, the Netherlands

The Art of Feedback: University of Groningen PhD forum, the Netherlands


Earlier workshops

The Art of Pitching; PhD Day, Groningen University, the Netherlands

The Art of Feedback: Oil & Gas corporate client, the Netherlands

Perfect Your Pitch; Public speaking conference conference, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Your Non-Verbal Language: Nyenrode Business School; Toastmasters, the Netherlands