Sangbreeta offers transformational interactive seminars  that are high on content, learning and participation. Her most request sessions are on the topics of Public Speaking, Brand Storytelling, Customer Connection and Leadership Communication.

The Art of Leadership Communication 

The Power of Brand Storytelling

Secrets of Leadership: The Art of Feedback

The Art of Powerful Public Speaking


In addition to her signature workshops above, Sangbreeta also creates customized workshops based on her clients’ needs, in the realm of public speaking, leadership and professional storytelling.

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Workshops in 2017

‘The Secrets of True Leadership’, Pharma Project Management Conference, Mumbai, India

‘The Art of Leadership Communication’, Financial Telecommunications corporate client, The Netherlands


Workshops in 2016

The Art of Corporate Feedback; Engineering & Construction corporate client, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Your Corporate Narrative: Personal & Powerful: Oil & Gas corporate client, the Netherlands

Your Non-Verbal Language: Engineering & Construction corporate client, the Netherlands

Your Pitch, Your Story: Professional Development Fair, Groningen

The Art of Powerful Speaking: Private corporate client, Groningen, the Netherlands

Your Professional Story: University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Your Professional Story: BCF Life Science Career Event, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Your Professional Story: Toastmasters European Conference of Public Speaking, Luxembourg, the Netherlands

The Art of Feedback: University of Groningen PhD forum, the Netherlands


Earlier workshops

The Art of Pitching; PhD Day, Groningen University, the Netherlands

The Art of Feedback: Oil & Gas corporate client, the Netherlands

Perfect Your Pitch; Public speaking conference conference, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Your Non-Verbal Language: Nyenrode Business School; Toastmasters, the Netherlands