If you want to win your most-valued customers and stakeholders, you need to understand human behaviour. You need to get into the mind of your most crucial decision-makers and figure out why they would choose to give you their time, attention, trust or money, over anyone else.

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transform your presence and impact on your most valued customers and clients exponentially

Passionate, energetic and one of the most influential speakers of The Netherlands, TEDx award-winning Sangbreeta Moitra is a speaker, strategist and executive leadership trainer on change, disruption and transformation. With a passion for cognitive neuroscience, human behaviour and its impact on transforming business, Sangbreeta is the owner of Transform Exponential, helping leaders and organisations to:

– transform their pain-points, blind spots and team behaviours to create exponential performance
– transform their connection with their most valued clients and customers to build meaningful trustworthy relationships
– transform their identity, customer connection and adaptability, to build a world-class standout industry presence

Using powerful techniques based on cognitive neuroscience, leadership development, behavioural science, customer relationship management, change & transformation, Sangbreeta brings a fresh and fascinating approach to ‘mind-hack’ into your obstacles and transform them into the greatest strategic outcome you desire.

With trusted clients including Booking.Com, Ernst & Young, Orange, Royal Dutch Shell and more, Sangbreeta gives keynotes, masterclasses, leadership training and mentoring across the world. A master storyteller winning many European public speaking awards, Sangbreeta has been featured in The Huffington Post and Financial Express. She is currently writing her first book on how leaders and pioneers can transform their presence in a tech-driven world.

“Sangbreeta’s talk was one of the highlights of our global roadshow event.”– Booking.Com

“Sangbreeta’s session was one of our top-rated events of the year.”– Royal Dutch Shell

“Sangbreeta’s talk on transforming customer connection was highly inspiring. Attendees left feeling ignited to take action.”– Ernst & Young

Are you interested to know more? Email sang@sangbreetamoitra.com or connect at linkedin.com/in/sangbreeta

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Thank you for stopping by! If you’ve got a major conference, event or summit planned and you’re looking for a world-class speaker, here you will find Sangbreeta’s testimonials and highlights of her most-requested talks across the world. A master storyteller and inspiring speaker, Sangbreeta brings energy, passion and thought-provoking concepts to bring change in the mind of her audience. Are you interested to know more? Connect HERE


Is your organization headed towards a changing company culture? Are you launching a new service or product and looking create a strong brand identity with solid customer impact? Do you want to empower your employees with strong customer relations, branding and communication skills to transform your organisation’s results exponentially? Sangbreeta can help you amplify your results exponentially. Connect here to explore further. 

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“Sangbreeta’s keynote was one of the highlights at our global roadshow event. We were challenged to think about how we could transform our performance to not only impact our customers but in our personal journeys as well.”

“We received overwhelming feedback for Sangbreeta’s talk on transforming Customer Connection. Participants indicated to have left the session inspired. I highly recommend Sangbreeta and wish to invite her back to EY!”

Petite in stature but quite the opposite in presence, Sangbreeta charged the audience with her talk, during the Digital Transformation event. Each one of us came away inspired!”

“Sangbreeta brings mindset change for her audience. Our C-suite executives were so engaged in her talk, they didn’t want to leave.”

“Sangbreeta is an excellent speaker. We hosted her for the Shell Women’s Network and it was one of our top-rated events last year. The audience really appreciated her interactive style.”

“Sangbreeta did a fantastic job in speaking at Stretch’s event in Oslo. She was truly inspiring and shared many helpful tips about how to transform your performance. Sangbreeta was also one of the keynote speakers at the SHE conference later that day.”

“Sangbreeta is a phenomenal speaker. She spoke to my students this year on capitalizing their existing skills and transform them into a powerful career. She knew how to address every individual student in a way that he or she absolutely blossomed during the event. After her talk, the energy was incredible. Even months afterwards, my students talked about her.”

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