Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. 

International keynote speaker, global strategist and leading start-up mentor, Sangbreeta Moitra is on a mission to empower the future of work through transformational customer happiness, employee experience, innovative entrepreneurial mindset and personal development.

Sangbreeta’s trusted clients include Booking.Com, Ernst & Young, Orange and Shell. Named amongst 400 most inspiring women in NL by the VIVA Magazine, Sangbreeta has won the coveted TEDx award for her talk ‘Transform Your Presence’ and is an international public speaking champion having won several Dutch and European public speaking awards. 

Every ordinary life is filled with extraordinary values. 

Sangbreeta’s vast leadership on change and transformation, is from the combination of her diverse education and work experience. Her research in Neurobiology during her master’s degree ignited a life-long fascination about the patterns and behaviours of the mind and how it impacts  thoughts and actions. With several years as global manager in the Dutch pharmaceutical industry, she is deeply aware of the challenges of leadership and the future of global corporates. Her 15+ years of extensive training in public speaking in childhood as a champion debator and orator, brings the knowledge of powerful presence and how to spark change in audience’s mindset through inspiration and emotion. 

As an Indian female keynote speaker living in The Netherlands, Sangbreeta is deeply aware of cross-cultural sensitivities and communication. She believes that what may separate people in terms of background or culture, is nothing compared to what binds us together through shared vision, core values and beliefs.

Based in Amsterdam, Sangbreeta has been featured in multiple renowned publications and podcasts across the world, such as The Huffington PostThe Financial Express and The Creative Disruption Show. For the full list of interviews and features, please see Press & Media page. 

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