TEDx award-winning Sangbreeta Moitra is a leading expert advisor, trainer and speaker on human behaviour, transforming powerful communication, building strong leadership presence and creating meaningful work relationships. Her trusted clients include Nike, Booking, Shell, Tommy Hilfiger, ING Bank and NN Group among many others. She has given talks and trainings across the UK, The Netherlands, India, Japan, South Korea, China, Austria and Norway among others.

With a background in neurobiology, Sangbreeta worked in global management of neuro-psychiatric studies for several years before branching out with her advisory, speaking and seminars on behaviour change and communication. Learning the mastery of public speaking from the age of five, hundreds of competitions in public speaking, storytelling, debating, pitching, poetry and elocution taught her how to read, engage with and communicate with the ‘silent observers’.

In this journey, Sangbreeta won the TEDx award in 2017, won several Dutch and European public speaking awards, and has been featured in global publications such as The Huffington Post and The Financial Express. She currently lives in Amsterdam and in her spare time mentors startups, scaleups and leaders in The Netherlands.

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