Every ordinary life is filled with extraordinary values. 

Author of “Unlocking Powerful Secrets of Dutch Innovation & Branding’, Sangbreeta Moitra is an international keynote speaker, passionate about helping individuals and organizations transform their legacy into a powerful purpose-driven connection. 

Highly sought after for her insights on transforming customer connection, marketing, personal presence, communication and public speaking, Sangbreeta’s trusted clients include Ernst & Young, Booking.Com, Royal Dutch Shell, Orange and Nationale Nederlanden Insurance & Investment Group. Named as one of the 400 most inspiring women in The Netherlands by the VIVA Magazine for her work, Sangbreeta has won the coveted TEDx award for her talk ‘Transform Your Presence’ and multiple Dutch and European public speaking awards.

From her early years as a public speaking champion, Sangbreeta has spent decades mastering customer connection, communication and brand storytelling, and has helped many people and organizations across the globe transform their presence and impact. She credits her literature teachers in school for discovering her potential and coaching her through the years. Their support and belief in her played a profound role in Sangbreeta’s journey.

Sangbreeta is a two time Dutch Champion and winner of European Bronze Award in Toastmasters Public Speaking Championships. In 2017, she was the winner of the coveted TEDx Jury Award for her speech ‘Transform Your Presence’. Sangbreeta has also worked in corporate management and leadership for several years in The Netherlands.  

Sangbreeta’s experience as an international speaker taught her that what may separate people in terms of background or culture, is nothing compared to what binds us together through shared vision, core values and beliefs.

Based in Amsterdam, she has been featured in multiple renowned publications and podcasts across the world, such as The Huffington PostThe Financial Express and The Creative Disruption Show. 

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