I am very thankful for the help of Sangbreeta and could recommend her from my heart. I saw her talking at an event and I reached out to her to coach me in public speaking.
It has always been challenging for me to stand at the podium though I started early in my life. It is even more difficult to receive honest critical feedback.
I enjoy(ed) the support Sangbreeta gives me. Her recommendations are to the point and easy to implement. I saw improvements right after the first session I had with her.
Thank you so much. I feel lucky and honoured to work with you.

Gabriella Kindert, Head of Alternative Credit, Nationale Nederlanden Investment Partners

I met Sangbreeta for the first time in 2013 when she was competing in the European championship of Public Speaking in Budapest. Her confidence and poise on stage was amazing. As the Division Board of Toastmasters Spain-Barcelona, it was our pleasure to invite her to give the Keynote Speech at our conference in October 2016. Sangbreeta’s keynote was par excellence- it was powerful, full of anecdotes, fresh content and highly engaging. Thank you Sangbreeta for the excellent keynote, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an inspirational and energetic speaker.

Peter Matejka, Professional Coach, Erickson

I was involved in organizing a meeting with Sangbreeta for Shell about “Your Professional Story”. The session was focused on how to sharpen your story, so you can use it in any situation to make a flawless impression. It was really to the point and very inspiring. Sangbreeta is a pleasure to work with and people unanimously provided the feedback: the session was too short and we want Sangbreeta to come back! The session was scored 4.9 out of 5, and we would love to invite her again, as her messages are fit for today’s fast changing world. I would recommend everyone to book Sangbreeta as the content she presents is really relevant in today’s changing world and it brings your own professionality to the next level.

Annemart Hobers, Business Analyst, Royal Dutch Shell

In the past years I have seen Sangbreeta give several speeches on different occasions. As her trackrecord shows, she is a worldclass speaker, able to inform, entertain and move her audience on various topics I saw her speak about. During her speeches she is able to capture the attention of the audience from the very first to the very last moment. I can highly recommend her as speaker for any event.

Jeroen Bijleveld, Partner, Baluwtulp Wealth Management

Sangbreeta is an excellent speaker and we love to have her come facilitate sessions on topics such as Giving Feedback and Communicating with Confidence. We hosted her for the Shell Women’s Network and it was one of our top-rated events last year. The audience really appreciated her interactive style.

Antonia Vlek, Economist, Royal Dutch Shell

Sangbreeta Moitra provided a keynote and a workshop at the Graduate School for the Humanities at the University of Groningen. In her keynote, Sangbreeta captured the audience’s attention with a personal tale. In doing so, she inspired the audience to reflect on the narrative element in the creation of a professional academic identity. In the subsequent workshop, Sangbreeta guided the group through active self-reflection, stimulating the PhD candidates to find appealing ways of communicating their academic identity and values of their research. I can highly recommend Sangbreeta for a refreshing and perspective, whether in academia or in the professional sphere in general.

Konstantin Mierau, Programme Director; Faculty of Humanities, University of Groningen

For the Amsterdamse Carrière Dagen we invited Sangbreeta to be our keynote speaker after hearing about her energetic and inspirational talks on professional storytelling and public speaking. During our event there were 69 companies and over 1500 students, which resulted in a very diverse audience. Her experience as a speaker clearly shows, it is very rare that someone is able to connect with so many people on so many levels. Sangbreeta, thank you so much for joining us and we look forward to having you as our speaker again!

Simone Boes, Chairman, Amsterdam Career Day

Sangbreeta facilitated a thoroughly engaging session about giving constructive feedback. Sangbreeta made a compelling case about how the techniques are useful for application in our own daily interactions, be it on a personal or professional level. The workshop gave clear insights on how giving specific, direct and authentic feedback can contribute towards developing effective leadership skills. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in nurturing a culture of development in their own environment and teams, by giving constructive and honest feedback whilst also fostering a sense of mutual trust and respect…not an easy task!

Justin Valente, Senior Process Engineer, Shell

Sangbreeta has a mix of attributes that makes her a very powerful speaker. First, she is a confident and poised presenter. She talks the talk and then explains and engages so that, by the end, you “Get It” too. She makes you really explore your inner self when it comes to public speaking. Second, she is pleasantly disarming and has the ability to put one at ease almost immediately. Thirdly, she delivers feedback in the most incisive way. It is easy for one to hear, internalize and act on her feedback.

Dirceu Da Silva, Education & E-Learning Consultant, TEDxspeaker & coach, D.Silva

Sangbreeta has a vibrant personality, and will take you on a journey with her speeches. She provided TEDxUtrecht with an eye-opening talk for the Red Dot Program 2015. The storyteller triggered great curiosity among the crowd with her topic: ‘Find the speaker within.’ The TEDxUtrecht team loved to have her on the event!

Sophie Peters, Committee member, TEDxUtrecht Red Dot Program