How to build strong customer connection through your brand story



Last week, on the hunt for light summer clothes, I visited three stores; Zara, Mango and Costes.

What surprised me, was each of the their bags displayed very different and distinct information, meaning how they connected with me- their  customer, or with the stranger passing me by on the streets looking at my bags, would be drastically different.

What information we choose to present about ourselves- whether on a business card, a website, or a speech, influences how we will be seen by our clients and customers. Here are my insights on what stood out for me, and why.


What are your thoughts? How do you connect with your target audience through your brand story? Share in comments below!


Sangbreeta Moitra is an award-winning speaker on corporate storytelling, powerful persuasive speaking and leadership communication. She is the winner of the TEDxRotterdam Open Mic 2017 award, Dutch Champion and European Bronze Winner in Toastmasters public speaking championships in 2013/2014. With the belief that every individual can be a deeply impactful speaker, she collaborates with top corporates and associations across Europe through keynotes and workshops. Alongside, she functions in a leadership role as Global Manager in the pharmaceutical industry. Would you like to have a talk? Contact her at and have a look at 

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