How To Transform Your Presence


How To Transform Your Presence

Giving the speech that won her the TEDx Open Mic jury award, Sangbreeta Moitra shares her simple yet thought-provoking model on how individuals can create a powerful presence impact and legacy in their career.

Sangbreeta’s TEDx speech asks you one imperative question, that will answer three others:

  • What values will you stand for?
  • What legacy will you leave behind?
  • How will you be remembered?

Do you resonate with the message of this speech? Have you asked yourself these questions? Do share your thoughts in comments below!


Chosen by the VIVA Magazine as one of the top 400 inspiring women in The Netherlands, Sangbreeta is an award-winning speaker on powerful communication, corporate storytelling and customer engagement. From her early years as an orator in India, Sangbreeta has spent decades mastering the art of communication and storytelling. In 2013 and 2014, she represented The Netherlands and won the European Bronze Award in Toastmasters Public Speaking Championships. In 2017, she was the winner of the TEDxRotterdam Open Mic contest. Today, Sangbreeta is invited to speak at conferences and events across the globe on her areas of expertise. 

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