The biggest lesson learned from the US 2016 elections...


The biggest lesson learned from the US 2016 elections…

The world reeled in shock on a cold November morning. Staring at the TVs, their laptops and phones at home and on the way to work.

Everyone will have their own take on the political drama that was Clinton vs Trump. I’ve lost count on the number of anti-Trump posts on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, countless news channels. But did you notice something strange? Did you notice that while the Trump supporters focussed on their candidate’s strengths, the Clinton supporters released thousands of anti-Trump posts and news, but hardly enough Pro-Clinton posts until the very end?

It was as if Clinton should be elected only because Trump was a terrible candidate. Was that her greatest merit? Being the ‘only other choice’?

Not true. Hillary Clinton is a formidable woman, one who’s been a part of US politics for years, knows what it takes to run the country from office and the responsibilities that come with. Personally, I think she was the most educated and informed candidate to take on this responsibility. Yet, we barely heard anything about Clinton, other than that Trump was a demagogue.

And that was my lesson learned from observing this election saga. Negativity does not win elections, or any other battles in life.

As companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, employees.. we spend too much time throwing negative light on our competitors, trying to bring them down, than promoting our own strengths and qualifications. Reminds me of a story my mother once told me, about three frogs stuck in a well. All frogs wanted to leap out of the well and onto land again. But everytime one tried, the rest kept pulling it down. They spent their entire lives pulling that one frog down, whereas they could have tried just as hard to jump out as well.

In my eyes, instead of spending time & effort demonstrating why Trump was wrong on all levels, had Hillary supporters instead focussed on telling the world why their candidate was a better leader and the right choice, there’d be more incentive for people to vote for her. In the absence of that, Trump just got extra publicity.

Soon we’ll move on from the shocking election turn and continue our normal life. But let this be a reminder for us- whether as employees, businessowners, entrepreneurs, stratups, politicians, teachers, what have you- Focus more on showing the world your positive merits, than spending time on other’s negative ones. Otherwise, all you’re seen as, is a remaining option.

Sangbreeta Moitra is an award winning public speaker & trainer and Corporate Storyteller based in The Netherlands. She has worked with with top universities and Fortune 500 companies to help people find value, confidence and a powerful speaker within themselves. Alongside, she functions in a leadership role as a Global Manager in the pharmaceutical industry. Follow her regular updates on Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

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