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The Power of Positive Relationship Management

In the olden age, the mantra was “A picture said a thousand words.”

In today’s customer-oriented age, the mantra is “A gesture says a thousand words.”

Recently, a discussion with a hotel attendant left a deep impression on me, a strongly positive one, that shows how far a positive communication style goes to make new clients.

Very early on Sunday morning last week, I reached Groningen, a city in North Holland, to give a workshop at the Professional Development Fair. As luck always has it, my phone was almost dead and I needed to charge it asap. I walked around, hoping to find a cafe for the early risers, but everything was closed.

Thankfully I came across the NH Hotel De Ville, walked in to their cafe and mentioned to the attendant that I needed to charge my phone and have a coffee. The waiter smiled, plugged my phone into an outlet and said, “Please enjoy your coffee, its on us, thank you for stopping by here.” I was taken back, Netherlands is not exactly known for their customer service! I reiterated, I’m not a guest at the hotel, are you sure? She smiled wider, and sat me down at a table next to charging point, with a piping hot coffee in front of me.

I was touched by the friendly service of the attendant. She didn’t have to offer me a coffee, or make me too comfortable, I would be fine with charging my phone anywhere. But she went the extra mile for a guest, and that spoke a thousand words to me not only about the lady but about the hotel’s customer service as well.

A message to all organizations- your representatives are at the forefront of representing your values, your ethics and your relationship with clients & customers. Impart the power of positive communication and relationship with anyone who walks in through your doors. Customers don’t chase a product, they chase values and how you make them feel about themselves.

The small gesture that day just got NH Hotel a new customer and a rave review, next time I’m in Groningen I’ll surely stay at their hotel.



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