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“Friends, Romans, Countrymen. Lend me your ears.”

A speech, written over a 1000 years ago, yet the words echo strong in our ears. Since Mark Antony’s epic speech, a million more have come and gone, but do we remember all the speeches with the same zest? What is then our priority as a speaker.. to speak or to be heard?

It’s easy to get carried away by the sound of your own voice, but ultimately the sole purpose for us being on stage in front of an audience is… the audience. Everything we say, we think, we intend; is dedicated to them and their attention only. In my first post on public speaking, I address today, how to make yourself heard.

There are tons of elements in public speaking, the core of your purpose in content however, comes down to 3 things:

1. Why the topic; why the message? Know the why, in your purpose of a speech. Many get carried awat addressing “what” it is, very few address why their message, why their belief is important.

2. Why, to you? Why is your message/topic important to you? Again, not what you do about it, but why did you choose it? Whether it’s a pen, a cause or an inspirational message, tell them why you believe in it. My personal tip- Always and always give a crisp & compact anecdote. Everyone loves to hear a story, your story. Tell them.

3. Why, for them? Why should your message/topic be important to the audience? Why should they care? To buy someone’s logic, you have to buy their trust first. And trust, comes from a far deeper bond than just statistics and numbers. Reach out to their emotion, to their humane to form that unique bond of trust with you. Tell them why your message will make a difference to them, beyond the number games.

Try out the above in your next speech, your next pitch. As long as you enforce the WHYs, you’ll always be heard.

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