Internationally-awarded TEDx speaker with a life-long fascination with human behaviour, communication and maximizing impact, Sangbreeta brings unique insights and breakthrough strategies on mastering communication, transforming behaviours, building a powerful leadership presence and creating meaningful work relationships. Her trusted clients include Nike, Booking, Shell, Tommy Hilfiger, ING Bank and NN Group among many others; having spoken at organisations and events across the UK, The Netherlands, India, Japan, South Korea, China, Austria and Norway.

With a background in neurobiology, Sangbreeta worked in global management of neuro-psychiatric studies for several years before branching out with her advisory, speaking and seminars on behaviour change. Alongside, she learned the mastery of public speaking from the age of five, and hundreds of competitions in public speaking, storytelling, debating, pitching, poetry and elocution taught her how to read, engage with and communicate with the silent observers. In this journey, Sangbreeta has won the TEDx award in 2017, has won several Dutch and European public speaking awards, and has been featured in global publications such as The Huffington Post and The Financial Express. She currently lives in Amsterdam and in her spare time mentors startups, scaleups and leaders in The Netherlands.

With the mega shift to online working in the past few months, we offer online talks, workshops, masterclasses and webinars of top-quality production value.

Our past events have had leaders and professionals joining in from across the world including The Netherlands, Belgium, USA, South Africa, China, Japan, France, Italy, UK, India and more.

Below are some of Sangbreeta’s most popular upcoming events. Please contact us here if you need a customized talk or training for your organisation. We are happy to factor in your needs.  

Engage Authentically and Build Your Network During Crisis

The covid crisis brought unprecedented drastic changes into the workforce. Overnight, customers stopped buying. Clients stopped hiring. The market froze. Planned contracts, calls, appointments disappeared. People switched from performance to ruthless survival.

For many, this unexpected drastic shift can be difficult to navigate around. How will you ensure you’re not stuck in a rut?

Strategic is the key word of this seminar. You will master how to engage, to communicate and to grow through strategic planning and foresight, for you to not online ride out this storm but be relevant in the new future ahead. Register

From Public Speaking to Online Speaking: Transform How You Persuade, Influence and Inspire Online

Did you ever imagine that the most defining factors of your life and work one day would be : online, remote, isolated, distanced, global crisis?
Our big challenge today is – how will we enable, build and enhance human connection?
Using unique integrative strategies based on neurobiology, behavioral sciences, storytelling and change management, this will be a highly engaging and interactive seminar to transform your impact exponentially. Register

Master Your Online Leadership Presence and Communication During Crisis

The year 2020 will be etched forever in the history of mankind. A reality when human isolation became the new norm.  

During this period, it was eye-opening how leaders across the world communicated information regarding covid-19. What were their patterns? What was unique in their individual style? Which ones were the good, the bad and the ugly? How did they establish trust and respect? How did they lose it? And what can we learn as managers and leaders, in the way we communicate with and lead our people remotely during crisis?

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Master Giving Effective Impactful Feedback Online During Crisis: For Managers and Teamleaders

Whether you’re communicating internally, or as a business with customers, how will you handle sensitive discussions in a time of human isolation? How will you convey your feedback and navigate difficult conversations with tact and effectiveness? Especially now during remote virtual communication?
How you give feedback during crisis requires strategic thinking. To ensure satisfaction and success in your collaborative future ahead.
This is given as a talk, workshop and team advisory, both online and offline. Request more information

Build A Strong Team Culture and Align Team Behaviours Working Remotely During Crisis

One of our most-requested topics for team learning in 2019, in this session you will learn how to establish the current culture of your team. Discover your core values and beliefs, and determine your common unique identity that makes you impactful.

A highly interactive team session, join to master how you can align behaviours, communicate effectively, create your strong presence as a team of experts and build trust-driven relationships within your tribe and with the people you serve through your work. 

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The above are some of Sangbreeta’s most requested online sessions.
All talks and masterclasses are tailored, based on the theme and needs of the event.

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